Hoof Walls

Healthy hoof walls are smooth; have a light sheen; are free of prominent growth rings; and lack flares, cracks, and bruising, Taylor said. The presence of prominent growth rings can indicate a number of problems, including reduced blood perfusion in the corium (the hoof’s dermis, or the middle soft tissue layer that connects the coffin […]

The Right Stuff

There is infinite variety when shopping for grooming tools. One can purchase plastic brushes that are designed to fit the hand and are equipped with flexible “fingers” that clean and massage. There are brushes with horsehair bristles, grooming combs with teeth that rotate to help clear tangled manes, portable vacuums that pull dust from the […]

Grooming Tools

Some horses have greater skin sensitivity than others. With some you can use a metal curry comb and apply it with vigor to the horse’s apparent satisfaction. If you use the same approach with a horse which has more sensitive skin, you will have a horse that flinches and avoids being groomed. Fortunately, there are […]