Tack and Equipment

Owning a horse implies the desire to ride; for that, a horse needs a well-fitting saddle and bridle along with equipment such as grooming tools, saddle pads, and protective boots. If you plan to travel off the property with your horse, you might need to invest in a truck and horse trailer, and prices for […]

Health Care Needs

Hoof Care Horses’ hooves grow continually and, unless they’re left unshod and worn down by active movement on abrasive ground, they need frequent trims. “Maintaining balanced, healthy hooves is like keeping your vehicle tires in great condition,” explains Wilson. “Abnormal hoof balance or growth can be uncomfortable for the horse. Imbalances can impede the normal […]

Boarding Costs

Not everyone wants to, has the space, or can afford to keep a horse at home, in which case boarding is an attractive alternative. Monthly boarding fees vary considerably, depending on the facility, location, and services offered. Typical monthly board costs average $500 per horse, but they can range from $100 to upwards of $1,500. […]

Facility Costs

Sure, an owner won’t need to buy as much hay if he or she houses a horse on pasture, and Martinson notes that maintaining pasture forage costs just a third of what hay does. However, in the pasture-kept horse scenario, other expenses can mount. Camargo sums up the situation: “First, it takes money to purchase […]

Manure Management

What goes into a horse’s mouth comes out as similar poundage in the form of manure, which requires disposal in some practical way. Krishona Martinson, PhD, equine specialist at the University of Minnesota, notes that a 1,000-pound horse excretes 50 pounds of manure and urine each day. Some owners spread manure on fields after composting […]

He Eats Like a Horse

Someone new to horses might think the horse, being a vegetarian “hay burner,” couldn’t possibly have an expensive diet. Grass is free, right? But considering most adult horses consume at least 1.5-2.5% of their body weight each day, depending on performance level, this can mean a lot of forage–and in many cases more than what […]