How to choose the right gift for a man?

It is important to remember that, making a gift to a man, you are trying to please him, not yourself. Accordingly, give a man should be what he wants and what he needs, not what you yourself thought it would be useful for him. Let’s say you decided that it will be useful for him to switch to a healthy diet, so you gave him a set of books and DVDs on delicious and healthy food.

This is an example of a bad gift. If you don’t know exactly what to give as a gift, you can find many great options here. In this article, we’ll give you some good advice.

A gift of key values

For a gift to be truly desirable, it must match your man’s key values. How do you identify them? The surest way is to look at what your man spends the most time on. Let’s say he likes to do the planning, and he always has everything in place. Then the best gift for him would be something that will help him be even more successful at making plans, like an advanced personal time management program, a sophisticated planner, or a ticket to a cool time management course. 

Or he does a lot of music in his spare time. Then it may be something that will make his classes more interesting and productive (but here you should first seek advice from an expert, if you do not understand a lot about musical devices). Or he has a thinker and spends a lot of time thinking. Then you can create a gift and look for interesting books/movies about the brain or trainings to develop memory and thinking. In order for your gift to be truly relevant, you will have to carefully observe your man. Observe in order to understand his true values, on which he spends his energy and time.

Don’t Give Money

While it is common to say today that money is the best gift, it is definitely not the best option for a gift for your lover. This approach is more likely to show him that you were too lazy to spend time and effort to find a good gift and decided to just “pay off”. Even if the man himself tells you that money is more important to him now than gifts. Of course, if he wants an expensive gift, you can participate financially in it. For example, if your man wants an expensive watch for his birthday, then you can invest your money. But not just “add” on the watch, but to arrange the action – to go together to look for, try on, choose, so that it is accompanied by your active participation and maximum involvement.

The gift is an emotion

Try to make even a small gift for a minor occasion was for your man an emotion, because it is very important. Remember how many parents in their childhood gave winter boots for Christmas, and how it made you feel. By the way, many men’s emotions are aroused most by some very necessary and useful things, and not by “something pretty”, as for women. Remember about this. You can even look out for a gift card for food delivery, if your man often does not have time for lunch. You can buy such a card at the website