Manure Management

What goes into a horse’s mouth comes out as similar poundage in the form of manure, which requires disposal in some practical way. Krishona Martinson, PhD, equine specialist at the University of Minnesota, notes that a 1,000-pound horse excretes 50 pounds of manure and urine each day. Some owners spread manure on fields after composting (expenses of which include building a compost bin or facility, as well as investing in equipment to stack, turn, and then spread large compost piles). Another option, dumpsters, can run $55-238, per load depending on the dumpster’s size and how often it is emptied. Or, owners can hire a company to haul manure off-site at least once or twice annually. Martinson notes one outfit that quotes $150 per 20-square-yard load, whereas other businesses estimate it costs $100-300 per horse per year for manure removal.