Patterns and Properties of Steroids

Testosterone was first synthesized in 1935, the same year it was proven that testosterone had anabolic properties. Two years later testosterone propionate was introduced as a medicine. So began the development of anabolic agents by athletes. During World War II special units of German infantry used steroids to get additional physical strength. Much later, during the period of space exploration, steroids were used in prolonged space flights. Now you can buy such drugs at

Peculiarities of steroids

We are not going to discuss the ethical side of this issue, and we are certainly not going to condemn people taking steroids for sports purposes. Today, only a small percentage of all athletes are well aware of the effects or what the properties of steroids are, their potential and nominal side effects. These days, the main consumer mass of these drugs is the so-called bodybuilders, in particular amateur and novice athletes for whom the properties of steroids are not particularly important. The novice athletes are forced by chance to make do with scraps of information from friends or from the sellers themselves. Finding themselves on the Internet they come across thousands of articles, 99% of which they don’t find anything for themselves except wasted time and misinformation.

Let’s understand what androgenic and anabolic drugs are, their structure, side effects, and what are the main properties of steroids. All modern steroid drugs, whether androgenic or anabolic, are essentially artificially synthesized analogs of the male hormone testosterone. This means that the molecules of these drugs, although identical, are not a complete copy of the hormone. However, thanks to this property of steroids, all such drugs are able to bind to receptors in the human body and, once inside muscle cells, trigger metabolic and physiological changes that are similar to those produced by natural growth hormones.

The name of these drugs directly reflects their nature: they all possess, in varying quality and quantity, both androgenic and anabolic effects. The anabolic effect appears in the synthesis of protein, carbohydrates, enzymes, etc. (anabolic properties of the body). Androgenic effect, in turn, affects the development and formation of secondary sex characteristics, like hair growth or the timbre of the voice (depending on gender). And the whole point is that anabolic and androgenic steroids are in contact with the same receptors, which causes the duality of steroid drugs. Although this is not a positive feature, it limits the possibility of synthesizing various new types of steroids. Today, the most important discovery in pharmacology is the production of drugs that are minimally affected by the aromatization process (the conversion of testosterone to estrogen), even when taking high doses. After all, now you can buy Test Cypio 250 mg in a reliable store and be sure of the result.