Tack and Equipment

Owning a horse implies the desire to ride; for that, a horse needs a well-fitting saddle and bridle along with equipment such as grooming tools, saddle pads, and protective boots. If you plan to travel off the property with your horse, you might need to invest in a truck and horse trailer, and prices for these vary widely depending on a rider’s desires and needs.

In cold climates a blanket becomes necessary for exercised horses working up a sweat, particularly if body clipped. Owners tend to blanket horses at temperatures below 20$deg;F and/or in wet or windy conditions. Blanket prices range from $100-600; some horses need more than one design or weight to accommodate different environmental conditions or clipped coats.

There is an endless list of additional potential expenses that surpass a horse’s basic and preventive health needs. The only limitation on such investments (equipment, training, show fees) is the size of an owner’s pocketbook and imagination.